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1.9.3 Technology Preview Features in RHCK

The following Technology Preview features are available when running the Red Hat Compatible Kernel (RHCK):

  • Apache IPA identity management modules

  • Closed Process Group (CPG) API for inter-node locking

  • Corosync redundant ring with autorecovery

  • corosync-cpgtool dual-ring configuration

  • Cross Realm Kerberos Trust Functionality (relies on the Samba 4 client library)

  • DIF/DIX support for SCSI

  • dm-era is a device mapper target that records when blocks are written to a device and is typically intended for use by backup applications

  • fence_ipmilan agent diagnostic pulse

  • fence_sanlock agent for luci

  • FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace)

  • keepalived daemon for network load balancing and high availability

  • Kerberos v1.10 DIR cache storage type to handle TGTs for multiple KDCs

  • Kernel Media support

  • libqb library for high performance logging, tracing, inter-process communication, and polling by Pacemaker

  • Linux Containers (LXC)

  • LVM metadata dynamic aggregation (using lvmetad daemon)

  • LVM support for thinly-provisioned snapshots (single system only)

  • LVM support for thinly-provisioned logical volumes (single system only)

  • Mellanox SR-IOV Support

  • Pacemaker high-availability cluster manager

  • pcs utility for cluster configuration and management

  • Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) provides support for monitoring and managing performance at the system level

  • Performance monitoring in KVM guests

  • Precision Time Protocol (PTP) linuxptp implementation

  • PTP kernel driver support

  • QFQ queuing discipline

  • rgmanager support for disabling via /etc/cluster.conf

  • System monitoring using SNMP for KVM hosts

  • Thin-provisioning and scalable snapshots

  • trousers and tpm-tools packages that support Trusted Platform Module (TPM) hardware

  • vCPU hot unplug


FUSE is a supported feature in the UEK R2, UEK R3 and UEK R4 distributions.

LXC is a supported feature in the UEK R3 and UEK R4 distributions.