3.17 multipath Messages Relating to zram on UEK R3

Running the multipath -ll command under UEK R3 produces messages such as the following:

zram0: No fc_host device for 'host'
zram0: No fc_host device for 'host'
zram0: No fc_remote_port device for 'rport--1:-1-0'

You can ignore these message as there is no effect on multipath functionality. You can prevent the messages from occurring by blacklisting the zram device in /etc/multipath.conf, for example:

blacklist {
       devnode "^(ram|zram|raw|loop|fd|md|dm-|sr|scd|st)[0-9]*"

Note that this issue is fixed for RHCK and UEK R4 u2 as zram support is compiled into separate kernel modules that can be loaded as needed. The warning messages reappear if the zram kernel module is loaded for either of these kernels.

(Bug ID 20300644)