5.2.7 sssd-common.i686 and sssd-common.x86_64

The sssd-common.i686 package conflicts with the sssd-common.x86_64 package in the ol7_x86_64_optional_base ULN channel. Attempting to install both packages results in a transaction check error similar to the following:

Transaction check error:
  file /usr/share/systemtap/tapset/sssd.stp conflicts between attempted
installs of sssd-common-1.14.0-14.el7.i686 and

You may only install one of these packages on the same system at any given time. To avoid the conflict, exclude the sssd-common.i686 package in your yum configuration. See Oracle® Linux: Unbreakable Linux Network User's Guide for Oracle Linux 6 and Oracle Linux 7 for more information about how to exclude packages. (Bug ID 24963661)