3.2 Installation and Upgrade

The following installation and upgrade features, bug fixes, and enhancements are included in this update:

  • livemedia-creator includes sample kickstart file for UEFI systems.  The livemedia-creator utility now includes a sample kickstart file that can be used for UEFI systems.

  • New mount command for assigning block devices.  Kickstart now includes a new mount command, which enables you to assign block devices as mounts during an installation. The mount command assigns a mount point to a specified block device within a file system. You can also specify the --reformat option with the mount command to reformat a block device.

  • New network kickstart command option for binding a device configuration file to a MAC address.  Use the new --bindto=mac option with the network kickstart command to specify the MAC address (HWWADDR) parameter instead of the default DEVICE parameter in the device's ifcfg file. Specifying this option binds the device configuration to the MAC address instead of the device name.


    Because the --bindto option is independent of the network --device kickstart option, it is applied to the ifcfg file, regardless of whether the device was specified in the kickstart file by its name, link, or bootif.