6.1 Upgrading from Oracle Linux 6

It is possible to upgrade an Oracle Linux 6 system to Oracle Linux 7 Update 5 under the following conditions:

  • The system meets the minimum installation requirements for Oracle Linux 7 as described in Chapter 1, System Requirements and Limits.

  • The Oracle Linux 6 system has been completely updated from the ol6_x86_64_latest channel or ol6_latest repository.

  • UEK R3 or UEK R4 has been installed on the system to be upgraded and is the default boot kernel. Upgrading from UEK R2 is not supported.

  • No Oracle product stack is present on the system.

Upgrading is supported only for systems that are installed with the Minimal Install base environment. If additional packages are installed from an alternative repository or channel, upgrade might fail or the resulting upgrade might not function as expected.

General instructions on how to perform an upgrade are covered in Oracle® Linux 7: Installation Guide.

The following is a summary of steps that are specific to the update for this release:3290

  1. Make sure that your system is completely up to date by using the yum update command to update to the latest Oracle Linux 6 release. The system must be subscribed to the ol6_x86_64_latest channel or ol6_latest repository to be updated.

  2. Install the required upgrade packages (specified version or later):


    Obtain the latest versions of these packages from ULN (in the ol6_x86_64_addons channel), or from the Oracle Linux yum server (in the ol6_addons repository).

  3. Run the preupg command to perform and upgrade assessment:

    # preupg

    Examine the results in /root/preupgrade/result.html to make sure that there are not any items that have failed or need attention.

  4. Run the redhat-upgrade-tool-cli command to perform the upgrade:

    # redhat-upgrade-tool-cli --network=7.5 --instrepo=OL7_repo_url \
    --debuglog=/tmp/upgrade.log --cleanup-post

    Replace OL7_repo_url with the URL of the repository where the Oracle Linux 7 Update 5 packages are hosted.

  5. Reboot the system to start the upgrade process.