1 About Oracle Ksplice

Oracle Ksplice updates select, critical components of your Linux installation with all important security patches without needing to reboot.

Ksplice is freely available for Oracle customers who subscribe to Oracle Linux Premier Support and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services. If you're an Oracle Linux Basic, Basic Limited, or Network Support subscriber, contact your sales representatives to discuss a potential upgrade of your subscription to a Premier Support plan.


About instructions in this guide

  • Some examples use the dnf command. For Oracle Linux 6 and Oracle Linux 7, use the yum command, as appropriate.

  • Most of this guide only applies to Oracle Linux. To use Ksplice to patch the Xen hypervisor on Oracle VM Server 3.4.5 and later, see the corresponding Oracle VM documentation. For example, for Oracle VM 3.4.5, see Updating Oracle VM Server With Oracle Ksplice in the Oracle VM Administration Guide for Release 3.4.