Host-Based Access Control to SMB Shares

Host-based access control enables you to limit the access of a host or group of hosts to an SMB share. This host-based access control is enforced only for SMB access, not for local access or access through other protocols. By default, all hosts have full access to a share. The SMB server enforces host-based access control each time a client requests a connection to a share.

You can use the zfs set and share commands to specify host-based access control on a share. For more information, see How to Restrict Client Host Access to an SMB Share (zfs). For more information about share command, see the share(8) man page. For more information about zfs command, see the zfs(8) man page. For more information about SMB shares, see the share_smb(8) man page. For information about the available options for sharing ZFS file system, see the zfs_share(8) man page.