1 Sharing Files Between Windows and Oracle Solaris Systems

The Oracle Solaris operating system (Oracle Solaris OS) now provides Windows interoperability with the introduction of an integrated Server Message Block (SMB) server. The SMB server provides the ability to share files between a Windows and an Oracle Solaris system.

This document provides the information you need to integrate an Oracle Solaris SMB server into an existing Windows environment. It focuses on the information required to integrate an SMB server and how to use the SMB client. Windows topics are covered only when those topics affect the integration of an SMB server into the Windows environment.

This chapter covers the following topics:


The Oracle Solaris OS provides a Server Message Block (SMB) protocol server and client implementations. The SMB server implementation includes support for numerous SMB dialects including SMB 3.0, SMB 2.1, SMB 2.0, and SMB 1. The SMB client implementation includes support for SMB 1.