About SMB File Sharing

An Oracle Solaris server can now be an active participant in a Windows active directory domain and provide ubiquitous, cross-protocol file sharing through Server Message Block (SMB) and the Network File System (NFS) protocol to clients in their native dialect.

To integrate the Oracle Solaris OS server, you must configure the Oracle Solaris SMB server and then configure the identity mapping between Windows and Oracle Solaris OS systems. When the Oracle Solaris SMB server is integrated, Windows systems can access files on the Oracle Solaris OS server by using the SMB protocol. You can also use the Oracle Solaris SMB client to access files on a Windows or Oracle Solaris SMB server.

Native Oracle Solaris systems can serve files by means of SMB shares to SMB enabled clients, such as Windows and Mac OS systems. A share is a local directory on a server that is accessible to SMB clients on the network. Each share is identified by a name on the network. An SMB client sees each share separately, and does not see the server's directory path to the shared directory.


For a quick reference to commonly used commands for SMB file sharing, see Commonly Used SMB File Sharing Commands.