SMB Share Properties

For information about creating an SMB share, see How to Create an SMB Share (zfs).

Use the zfs set and zfs share commands to set share properties that modify the attributes and behavior of an SMB share. For information about the zfs set and zfs share commands, see the zfs(8) man page.

For more information about setting share properties for ZFS file systems, see Sharing and Unsharing ZFS File Systems in Managing ZFS File Systems in Oracle Solaris 11.4.

For complete descriptions of the following properties, see the share_smb(8) and zfs_share(8) man pages. The two types of share properties are global and protocol-specific.

The global share properties include the following:

  • desc – Specifies an optional description of the share

  • path – Specifies the mount point of the share

The protocol-specific share properties for the SMB protocol include the following:

  • abe – Enables or disables access-based enumeration for a share

  • ad-container – Specifies the name of an AD container in which to publish a share

  • catia – Specifies whether to perform CATIA character substitution

  • cont_avail – Enables or disables continuous availability to a share

  • csc – Sets the client-side caching policy

  • dfsroot – Enables or disables DFS root support on a share

  • encrypt – Configures SMB encryption at the share level

  • guestok – Enables or disables guest access to a share

  • none, ro, rw – Sets host-based access rules for a share

  • oplocks – Specifies the share-level oplocks configuration for the share

  • bypasstraverse – Specifies whether to bypass traverse checking for the share

The SMB server provides a per-share configuration property to support client-side caching for offline files. Although the SMB server enables you to configure this feature, only the client manages client-side caching and access to offline files. You can use the zfs command to configure this feature by setting the csc property for a share.

Valid values for the csc property are:

  • manual Permits clients to cache files from the specified share for offline use as requested by users. However, automatic file-by-file reintegration is not permitted. manual is the default value.

  • auto Permits clients to automatically cache files from the specified share for offline use, and permits file-by-file reintegration.

  • vdo Permits clients to automatically cache files from the specified share for offline use, permits file-by-file reintegration, and permits clients to work from their local cache even while offline.

  • disabled Disables client-side caching for the specified share.