About Oracle Mobile Hub

Developing simple mobile applications is common, but connecting those apps to backend systems and services can get complicated. Oracle Mobile Hub is a cloud-based service that provides a unified hub for developing, deploying, maintaining, monitoring, and analyzing your mobile apps and the resources that they rely on.

Oracle Mobile Hub streamlines mobile development initiatives and provides everything you need to establish an enterprise mobile strategy using innovative, persona-based tools and services. It helps you define mobile APIs and build mobile apps that connect to enterprise systems quickly and securely while providing the deep analytics needed to make smart, data-driven decisions. It links mobile developers with enterprise data sources, and empowers you to create engaging mobile experiences in a simple, straightforward manner.

Without Oracle Mobile Hub, mobile application developers must become integration developers in order to connect mobile apps to enterprise systems. They must also become security experts in order to connect to each of these enterprise systems by using the correct security technology. Using Oracle Mobile Hub eliminates the need for mobile application developers to be experts in everything; they can develop mobile apps much faster, decreasing application development times and costs. It also provides metrics that allow you to analyze how successful your mobile strategy is.

Understand Your Oracle Mobile Hub Environment

Get familiar with the features and capabilities of mobile backends in Oracle Mobile Hub, and then learn about working with custom APIs using the API Designer.

You can quickly get familiar with the capabilities of your Oracle Mobile Hub environment by watching this short video:

Take a quick tour of the API Designer, which you will use to access secure data from your mobile application: