Learn About the Choices for Accessing Data from Oracle Mobile Hub Applications

If you want to build a public-facing application on Oracle Mobile Hub that loads data from a secure source using REST API calls, then you can implement an architecture that leverages Oracle PaaS services and capabilities.


You have options for designing an architecture with Oracle Mobile Hub that is capable of using secure data access to import data from external sources.

For example, you can access RESTful web services exposed by an Oracle Fusion Applications Cloud Service such as Oracle Sales Cloud with a simple architecture that makes use of Oracle Mobile Hub's built-in connector functionality.

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You can also integrate with services that act as an intermediary to provide data from your data sources, by using custom Oracle Mobile Hub APIs. For example, Oracle Mobile Hub provides a mobile backend with an API connector for Oracle Integration.

With the built-in business logic capabilities, platform APIs, and custom connectors, you can create a complex architecture such as this governance application:

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About the Use Cases for Accessing Data With an Oracle Mobile Hub Application

When you build a public, customer-facing Oracle Mobile Hub application, you often need to load data from an external source.

As a simple example, you may want to create a mobile application that extends an Oracle SaaS application, such as Oracle Sales Cloud. Using Single Sign-On (SSO), your users could authenticate with Oracle Sales Cloud from within the mobile application, and then review sales data loaded by accessing the Oracle Sales Cloud REST APIs. You could also build a similar application that accesses REST APIs exposed by other Oracle SaaS services, or third-party or on-premises services.

In a more complex use case, you might have a requirement to access multiple services as part of your application: for example, you might build a process governance application that creates, integrates, and reviews approval processes within a company. You could use Oracle PaaS services such as Oracle Integration to handle workflows, and Oracle Visual Builder to serve up interactive user interface pages. Custom REST resources such as reports or audit artifacts might be created and exposed by an external application.

Regardless of the origin of the data, your public-facing mobile application needs to protect the data from unauthorized access, and ideally the architecture should prevent a large user base from flooding the API with too many concurrent requests. Application performance, API call limits, custom data security, and other considerations must be taken into account.

About Required Services and Roles

The simple architecture described in this solution requires the following services:

  • Oracle Mobile Hub

  • Oracle Sales Cloud

The complex architecture described in this solution requires the following services:

  • Oracle Mobile Hub

  • The enterprise edition of Oracle Integration, which includes the Oracle Process Cloud Service and Oracle Visual Builder features.

Your Oracle Visual Builder instance must be associated with an Oracle Process Cloud Service instance. Oracle Visual Builder administrators can create the association between the services.

These are the roles needed for the services described in the example architectures.

Service Name: Role Required to...
Oracle Visual Builder: Administrator Associate an Oracle Visual Builder with an Oracle Process Cloud Service instance.
Oracle Cloud: Identity domain Administrator Manage mobile users, roles, and realms.
Oracle Mobile Hub: MobileEnvironment_MobileUserConfig and MobileEnvironment_MobileUserMgmt team member roles Manage mobile users, roles, and realms.
Oracle Sales Cloud: Application Implementation Consultant Work in sandboxes and access REST APIs.

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