Learn About the Architecture

If you want to provision the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (Hyperion) suite of applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, start by learning about designing a secure, highly available (HA) topology.

Use the reference architectures and design recommendations in this solution to plan the resources required for deploying Oracle Hyperion Financial Management and Oracle Hyperion Planning on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Overview of Architectural Options

Take advantage of the inherent redundancy and security features of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to build a secure, reliable, and resilient application topology for your Hyperion applications in the cloud.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services are offered globally in multiple independent geographic areas, called regions. A region contains one or more availability domains, each of which is an isolated data center. The availability domains in a region are interconnected by a high-bandwidth network but don't share infrastructure such as power and cooling. Each availability domain contains three fault domains, which enable you to distribute compute instances across isolated server hardware.

The resources that you deploy in the cloud are scoped to either the entire tenancy, a specific region, or an availability domain.
  • The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management resources (such as users, groups, and policies) are available across all the regions.
  • Certain resources, such as VCNs, are specific to a region.
  • Some resources are local to an availability domain; for example, database systems and compute instances.
The following architectural options leverage the inherent redundancy and security features of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure:
  • Deployment in a single availability domain (AD)

    Distribute multiple, active instances of the application across the fault domains within an AD in an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure region.

    Each fault domain has independent server hardware. So, a hardware failure or maintenance event in one fault domain doesn't affect the active application instances in the other fault domains. Your applications are always available.

  • Deployment across multiple ADs within a region

    Deploy a topology containing active application instances in one AD, and set up a passive replica of the topology in another AD in the same region.

    The physical resources in each AD are isolated from the other ADs in the region, and the ADs don’t share infrastructure such as power or cooling. So if an outage occurs in one AD, the application instances in the other AD can take over the workload. The ADs within a region are interconnected using a high-bandwidth network, which enables efficient cross-AD replication.

  • Deployment across multiple regions

    Set up your application topology in a region that you designate as the primary region, and deploy a standby topology in a remote region. Use cross-region backups, rsync, and Oracle Data Guard to replicate the application configuration, storage, and databases across the regions.

    In the event of a disaster in the primary region, you can activate the applications in the standby region.

Required Products and Services

You need the following products and services for this solution:
  • Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System
  • Oracle Hyperion Financial Management
  • Oracle Hyperion Planning
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Networking
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Load Balancing
  • (Optional) Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Web Application Firewall
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure File Storage
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volumes