About Disaster Recovery from On-Premises to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

This deployment model reflects the traditional disaster recovery option, from an on-premises data center running VMware SDDC to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution SDDC. The primary site is the on-premises data center, and the recovery site is Oracle Cloud VMware Solution SDDC.


The following figure shows a detailed architecture of the connection between the on-premises SDDC and the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution SDDC for disaster recovery.

Description of prem_ocvs_srm_arch.png follows
Description of the illustration prem_ocvs_srm_arch.png

Understand Assumptions and Key Considerations

Following are assumptions and key considerations for this deployment model:

  • You’re running a supported version of VMware SDDC on-premises. Validate the compatibility of the products by using the VMware compatibility matrix.
  • The required network connectivity is in place between the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy and the on-premises data center.
  • You have a VMware SRM license to use in Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution doesn’t provide an SRM license as part of the universal credit subscription.
  • Array-based replication is not possible with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. Only vSphere Replication is a supported configuration.
  • Disaster recovery from a non-VMware environment to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution using SRM is not supported.
  • You can’t extend on-premises VLANs to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution by using SRM. However, you can extend the network by using VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX).
  • You are familiar with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and VMware.