Value of Migrating PeopleSoft to the Cloud

When your organization depends on PeopleSoft to manage human resources, finances, supply chain, inventory, or higher education campus experiences and you want to get to the cloud but are not ready to move to SaaS because of deep customization, integration or control requirements, Oracle has a validated cloud solution for you.

You can migrate your current PeopleSoft deployment to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and gain access to better elasticity to support peak seasons, agility to add new capabilities, streamlined infrastructure management, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure you have granular control over your PeopleSoft environment all while taking advantage of the same software, the same licenses, and the same training your staff and end-users currently have. In addition, only Oracle offers consistent high performance at guaranteed service levels.

Value Proposition for Migration

Oracle provides a simple way to migrate most on-premises PeopleSoft deployments to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure that doesn't require significant re-architecture, re-integration or business process changes.

Once on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure PeopleSoft will be more flexible, more reliable, and deliver higher performance at a lower cost than deployments running on-premises or with other cloud providers.

Oracle has a validated solution to accomplish these goals, quickly and reliably. It includes procedures, supporting services, and reference architectures. These consider real production needs, including security, network configuration, high availability, disaster recovery, identity integration, and cost management. With this validated solution, you can take advantage of:
  • A lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than on-premises deployments and deployments on another cloud system.
  • 2-10x faster reporting speed.
  • No single point of failure.
  • Quick and seamless migration without re-architecture.
  • Rapid in-place technology refresh and patching.
  • Proactive costs and usage monitoring.
  • Near instant scaling up or down.
  • Ability to retain control over security and governance using familiar tools.

Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

Beyond the benefits of being straightforward to migrate, easier to manage, and more flexible to scale, running PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is cheaper than running it on-premises or in another cloud system.

The estimated total cost of ownership (TCO) of this solution can be 38% less than running PeopleSoft on-premises and 52% less than running on another cloud, based on:

  • Significant savings from eliminating upfront hardware, ongoing facilities, IT administration and support costs.
  • Oracle's significant cost advantages for Block Volumes and Database storage.
  • A six environment, 80 vCPU per environment cloud deployment.
  • Comparison to a six server, 28 cores per environment on-premises deployment.

Customer Success Stories

Every day, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customers experience great success upon migrating their PeopleSoft deployments to Oracle Cloud. Here are some success stories.

The University of Santiago, one of the oldest universities in Chile, saved 35% by implementing PeopleSoft in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. This was their first major foray into cloud, and they worked with their systems integrator Astute Business Solutions to complete the migration in under 6 months. By modernizing in the cloud, they were also able to implement PeopleTools Fluid UI responsive design capabilities, which improved desktop and mobile enrollment and schedule management experiences for over 23,000 students.

Alliance Data Systems, a $8 billion dollar loyalty and marketing services company was able to migrate PeopleSoft, Hyperion, OBIEE, 30 database and 25 Terabytes of critical financial and HR data from Exadata on premises to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Exadata Cloud Service, with expectations to save $1 million in just the first year of deployment. Not only is Alliance Data Systems saving on TCO, but they are also experiencing 30-50% improved performance for their applications. They doubled their disk space, increased memory by 5 times and computing power by 3 times. And as a data intensive company, they can continue to leverage the superior performance of Exadata in the Oracle Cloud, not available on any other cloud.

Covanta, a $2 billion global waste management and energy company, was able to migrate PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure while maintaining control and enhancing security. They leverage VCNs to keep complete control over their networks, configuring network firewalls, subnets and route tables. Covanta also required a higher level of security at the edge of its network to prevent malicious hackers from targeting their web applications. Therefore, they also use Oracle Web Application Firewall (WAF) to secure PeopleSoft’s internet-facing finance, supply chain and procurement portals that their staff access daily.

Infrastructure and Tools

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers unique infrastructure capabilities, tools and support that are optimized for PeopleSoft.

At the highest level, Oracle tests PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and not on any other cloud. PeopleSoft Cloud Manager is available only for workloads running in the Oracle Cloud to help streamline migration and ongoing lifecycle management. And there are single vendor support advantages to running your Oracle application and database on Oracle’s cloud infrastructure. Oracle professional services and our ecosystem of partners can assist to make your move as seamless as possible.

There are also significant performance benefits when your run PeopleSoft on Oracle’s cloud. Our unique non-oversubscribed networks and single-tenant offerings like bare metal compute and Exadata ensure consistent performance. Unlike other clouds, we also offer service level agreements to back up performance guarantees. In addition, many services run cheaper and you can also bring existing database licenses to Oracle’s cloud.

Finally, we designed our core cloud services with enterprise applications in mind, to deliver the same level of control you are accustomed to having with your on-premises environment. PeopleSoft customers can leverage Oracle’s flexible compartment structure, Virtual Cloud Networks (VCNs) and bare metal compute so you don’t have sacrifice control nor change your business processes.