Data Movement: Shadow Migration Bytes

This statistic tracks total shadow migration bytes per second transferred as part of migrating file or directory contents. This does not apply to metadata (extended attributes, ACLs, and so on). It gives a rough approximation of the data transferred, but source datasets with a large amount of metadata will show a disproportionally small bandwidth. The complete bandwidth can be observed by looking at network analytics.

When to Check Shadow Migration Bytes

When investigating shadow migration activity.

Shadow Migration Bytes Breakdowns

Table 5-22 Breakdowns of Shadow Migration Bytes

Breakdown Description


The filename that was migrated. Using this breakdown allows hierarchy mode to be used, so that filesystem directories can be navigated.


This shows the project that contains a shadow migration.


This shows the share that is being migrated.

Further Analysis

See also Data Movement: Shadow Migration Ops and Data Movement: Shadow Migration Requests.