Name Service: Lookups Average Latency

This statistic shows average latency per second for name service lookup operations.

When to Check Name Service Lookups Average Latency

Monitor name service lookups average latency when SMB is experiencing performance issues, to determine whether the root cause of that performance problem is actually name service lookup latency.

Name service analytics should be used primarily to analyze performance and diagnose name service problems during investigations. Name service analytics should not be run continuously because they will unnecessarily consume system resources. You can generate an alert if the average latency substantially increases for a period of time, and the alert will appear on the dashboard. To set a threshold alert, see Configuring a Threshold Alert - BUI, CLI.

Name Service Lookups Average Latency Breakdowns

Table 6-25 Breakdowns of Name Service Lookups Average Latency

Breakdown Description

database name

Name service database, such as LDAP, DNS, or NIS.

type of operation

Request type.


Success or fail.


Hostname or IP address of this request.

Further Analysis

See also Name Service: Lookups.