17 Troubleshooting the Flat File Adapter

This chapter outlines steps you can take to solve problems with Oracle GoldenGate Adaptors for Flat Files. It lists the error checks to perform. If you do not succeed in identifying the problem, submit a support ticket or contact Oracle Support.

This chapter includes the following sections:

17.1 Checking Oracle GoldenGate

Before checking for specific issues related to the Oracle GoldenGate for Flat File, ensure that Oracle GoldenGate is configured correctly and any standard Oracle GoldenGate errors have been resolved. For further information, see the Oracle GoldenGate Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning Guide.

17.2 Checking the Configuration

Check the following:

  • Is the shared library (.so or .dll) in the Extract parameter file correct? Is it specified in the path and accessible?

  • Is the correct SOURCEDEFS file specified in the Extract parameter file? Is it in the specified path and accessible?

  • Does the SOURCEDEFS file contain all the necessary tables?

  • Is the ffwriter.properties user exit properties file in the Oracle GoldenGate install directory, or does it have the correct name and path specified in the GG_USEREXIT_PROPFILE environment variable?

  • Do the output directories specified in the user exit properties file exist?

  • Are file permissions correct to write to that directory?

17.3 Checking the Log File

Check the log file (logname_yyyymmdd.log). By default this file will be in the dirrpt subdirectory.

  • Does the user exit properties file parse successfully? Are any invalid properties mentioned in the log file?

  • Are any other errors or warnings in the log?

17.4 Contacting Oracle Support

If the problem is still not resolved:

  • Set log.level=DEBUG

  • Restart and save the log file

Before contacting Oracle Support, be prepared to send the log file, source trail file, source definitions file, user exit properties file, and Extract parameter file, together with any data files that have been written.