Assign mHealth Connector Cloud Services roles to a user

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Assign mHealth Connector Cloud Services roles to a user

What do I need to do first? If the user's single sign-on account doesn't exist, create it. For instructions, see Create a user account in the Oracle Health Sciences Identity and Access Management Service Administrator Guide.

Task 1. Assign mHealth Connector Cloud Services roles appropriately to the user

  1. Open OHSIAMS Oracle Identity Self Service:


    where <ShortOrgId> is the short name for your organization. This value is defined when your organization is added to OHSIAMS Oracle Identity Self Service.

  2. Under Administration, click Users.
  3. Enter search criteria for the user. For example:
    • From the E-mail drop-down, select Equals, and type the user's email address.


    • From the Display Name drop-down, select Equals, and type the user's display name.
  4. Click Search, located below the filtering fields and to the right.
  5. In the Search Results table, find the user, and in the User Login column, click the user's name.
  6. On the User Details page, select the Roles tab.
  7. From the Actions drop-down, located above the table of roles, select Request.
  8. Find the appropriate mHealth Connector Cloud Services roles:
    1. In the search box, type mHealth and press Enter:

      The matching roles appear in the search results.

    2. For each mHealth Connector Cloud Services role the user needs, choose Add to Cart, located to the right of the role.
  9. In the upper-right, click Checkout.
  10. Review the roles in the cart.
  11. In the upper-right, click Submit.

    The Request Summary page opens, and a confirmation message appears at the top of the page.

  12. (If your organization requires approval for the mHealth Connector Cloud Services roles) Ask someone with the Approver role to approve the access requests so that the user receives the role(s) you assigned. You cannot approve your own requests, so someone else at your organization must approve them.

Task 2. Notify the mHealth Connector Cloud Services administrator that the user's SSO account is available in mHealth Connector Cloud Services

The mHealth Connector Cloud Services user administrator can now give the user the appropriate roles in mHealth Connector Cloud Services. After the user has been granted the appropriate roles, the user can log on to mHealth Connector Cloud Services using the Oracle single sign-on account and password.

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