CAP File v2.2.2 Manifest File Syntax

A CAP file utilizes the JAR file format, and contains a set of components that describe a Java language package. In addition to the components, the CAP file also contains the manifest file META-INF/MANIFEST.MF. The manifest file provides additional human-readable information regarding the contents of the CAP file and the package that it represents. You can use this information to facilitate the distribution and processing of the CAP file.

The information in the manifest file is presented in name:value pairs. These name:value pairs are described in Table 7-1.

Table 7-1 Name:Value Pairs in the MANIFEST.MF File

Name Value


Creation time of CAP file. For example:

Tue Jan 15 11:07:55 PST 2006

The format of the time stamp is operating system-dependent.


The version of the converter tool. For example: 1.3.


Provider of the converter tool. For example:

Oracle Corporation


CAP file major.minor version. For example: 2.1.


The major.minor version of package. For example: 1.0


AID for the package. For example:

0xa0:0x00:0x00:0x00:0x62: 0x03:0x01:0x0c:0x07


The fully-qualified package name in dot (.) format. For example: javacard.framework


The AID for applet n. For example: 0xa0:0x00:0x00:0x00:0x62: 0x03:0x01:0x0c:0x07:0x05


Simple class name for applet n. For example: MyApplet


The AID for imported package n. For example: 0xa0:0x00:0x00:0x00:0x62: 0x00:0x01


The major.minor version of imported package n. For example: 1.0


Can be TRUE or FALSE. The value is TRUE if the package requires integer support.

The properties in the manifest file include:

  • The names Java-Card-Applet-<n>-AID and Java-Card-Applet-<n>-Name refer to the same applet.

  • The converter assigns numbers for the Java-Card-Applet-<n>-NAME and Java-Card-Applet-<n>-AID names in sequential order, beginning with 1.

  • The names Java-Card-Imported-Package-<n>-AID and Java-Card-Imported-Package-<n>-Version refer to the same package.

  • The converter assigns numbers for the Java-Card-Imported-Package-<n>-AID and Java-Card-Imported-Package-<n>-AID names in sequential order, beginning with 1.

Sample Manifest File

The following code sample illustrates the manifest file that the Converter generates when it converts package jcard.applications. This package contains two applets, MyClass1 and MyClass2.

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Created-By: 1.3.1 (Oracle Corporation)
Java-Card-CAP-Creation-Time: Tue Jan 15 11:07:55 PST 2010
Java-Card-Converter-Version: 1.3
Java-Card-Converter-Provider: Oracle Corporation
Java-Card-CAP-File-Version: 2.1
Java-Card-Package-Version: 1.0
Java-Card-Package-Name: jcard.applications
Java-Card-Package-AID: 0xa0:0x00:0x00:0x00:0x62:0x03:0x01:0x0c:0x07
Java-Card-Applet-1-Name: MyClass1
Java-Card-Applet-1-AID: 0xa0:0x00:0x00:0x00:0x62:0x03:0x01:0x0c:0x07:0x05
Java-Card-Applet-2-Name: MyClass2
Java-Card-Applet-2-AID: 0xa0:0x00:0x00:0x00:0x62:0x03:0x01:0x0c:0x07:0x06
Java-Card-Imported-Package-1-AID: 0xa0:0x00:0x00:0x00:0x62:0x00:0x01
Java-Card-Imported-Package-1-Version: 1.0
Java-Card-Imported-Package-2-AID: 0xa0:0x00:0x00:0x00:0x62:0x01:0x01
Java-Card-Imported-Package-2-Version: 1.1
Java-Card-Integer-Support-Required: TRUE