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Part I Setup, Samples and Tools

1 Introduction

2 Installation

3 Developing Classic Edition Applications

4 Running the Samples

5 Converting and Exporting Java Class Files

6 Compatibility for Classic Applets

7 Working With CAP Files

8 Debugging Applications

9 Packaging and Deploying Your Application

10 Using the Reference Implementation

11 Producing a Mask File from Java Card Assembly and CAP Files

12 Building a Custom RI From Sources

13 Verifying CAP and Export Files

14 Using Cryptography Extensions

Part II Programming With the Development Kit

15 Localizing With The Development Kit

16 Programming to the Java Card RMI Client-Side API

17 Working with APDU I/O

18 Programming for the Large Address Space

Part III Appendices

A Java Card Assembly Syntax Example

B Additional Optional Ant Tasks