Install and Setup the Development Kit

This section describes how to install and set up the development kit. It includes procedures for performing the following tasks:

Before Installing the Development Kit

Before installing the development kit, be sure to install the following software:

  • Java Development Kit (JDK) - The tools in this development kit were tested with JDK 7 and JDK 8 (32 bit and 64 bit versions). If you are planning to develop your own applications, you should use JDK 7. You can download and install the JDK release according to the instructions on the website:

  • GCC compiler - Minimal GNU for Windows (MinGW), version 4.8.1 or later is required to build the cref and tools from sources.

    You can download MinGW from For MinGW installation information, go to

  • Eclipse IDE (optional) - Using the Eclipse IDE as your development environment is recommended, although you can also run the samples and the development kit tools from the command line.

    Download the Windows Eclipse IDE from the following URL and install it according to the instructions on the website:

  • Apache Ant - Most Eclipse distributions include Apache Ant. If you did not install Eclipse, you should install Apache Ant, as it is required to run the samples from command line and to build the cref from source code. Version 1.9.4 was used to test the release. You can download and install Apache Ant from

Installing the Development Kit

Follow these steps to install the development kit.

The Java Card binary development kit is available for download at

  1. Close Eclipse, if it is running.
  2. Download the Java Card Development Kit .msi file to a directory of your choice.
    • java_card_kit-classic-3_0_5-ux-win32-bin-do|gl-bNN-dd_mmm_yyyy.msi
  3. Run the downloaded .msi file from the directory.
    1. The Java Card Development Kit Setup Wizard starts. Follow the prompts and accept the License Agreement.
    2. Enter a directory where the files will be installed and follow the prompts to complete the process.


    The installation directory is referred to as JC_CLASSIC_HOME throughout the documentation.

When the Java Card Development Kit has been installed, proceed to:

  1. Optional, but recommended. Install the Java Card plug-in for Eclipse. See Installing the Eclipse Plug-In

  2. Examine and run the samples. See Running the Samples

Confirming System Variables

Certain system variables are set during the installation process. If you are not able to build samples from the command line, or if something seems to be wrong with the Eclipse plug-in operation, verify that the following variables and paths are set correctly:

  • JAVA_HOME system variable should be set to the JDK software root directory and its bin\ in the PATH.
  • ANT_HOME system variable should be set to the Ant root directory and its bin\ in the PATH.
  • JC_CLASSIC_HOME variable should be set to the Java Card development kit root directory.
  • The Java Card development kit bin\ directory should be in the PATH .
  • The MinGW bin\directory should be in the PATH. MinGW is only required if the Development Kit source bundle is installed.