Response String Description

Response strings are automatically formatted by the applet when a command APDU is received. You must follow the requirements for creating a valid command string (see Command String Requirements) to send to the applet or the applet does not produce the desired results. While you do not create the response strings, the following describes the responses you can expect from the applet:

  • If the command string is invalid, then a default response string is sent.

  • If the command string contains the Welcome command type, then a welcome response string is sent.

  • If the command string contains Contacts or Settings command types with arguments, then a string is sent that corresponds to the arguments and command type received. This response string is composed of a comma separated name and value pair.

To demonstrate the applet's response string functionality, the following examples are response string versions of byte sequences that correspond to the example command strings in Command String Requirements:

  • Hello California!

  • AutoCorrect, Off

  • John Adams,

  • Wifi, On