Verifying Binary Compatibility

The verifyrev tool checks for binary compatibility between revisions of a package by comparing the respective export files. This scenario is illustrated in Figure 13-3. The export files from version 1.0 and 1.1 of package p1 are input to verifyrev. The verification examines whether the Java Card platform version rules, including those imposed for binary compatibility as defined in the Virtual Machine Specification, Java Card Platform, Version 3.0.5, Classic Edition, have been followed.

Figure 13-3 Verifying Binary Compatibility Of Export Files

Description of Figure 13-3 follows
Description of "Figure 13-3 Verifying Binary Compatibility Of Export Files"

Running verifyrev

The file to invoke verifyrev is a batch file (verifyrev.bat) that must be run from a working directory of JC_CLASSIC_HOME\bin in order for the code to execute properly.

To run verifyrev:

  1. Enter the following command:

    verifyrev.bat [options] export-file export-file

    The first export-file argument on the command line represents the fully qualified path of the export files to be compared, while the second export file name must be the same as the first one with a different path, for example:

    verifyrev d:\testing\old\crypto.exp d:\testing\new\crypto.exp

Command Line Options for Off-Card Verifier Tools describes additional command-line options for the off-card verifier tools.