Java EE 5 SDK

Package javax.enterprise.deploy.model

Provides Tool Vendor implementation classes.


Interface Summary
DDBean An interface for beans that represent a fragment of a standard deployment descriptor.
DDBeanRoot An interface that represents the root of a standard deployment descriptor.
DeployableObject The DeployableObject interface is an abstract representation of a J2EE deployable module (JAR, WAR, RAR, EAR).
J2eeApplicationObject J2eeApplicationObject is an interface that represents a J2EE application (EAR); it maintains a DeployableObject for each module in the archive.
XpathListener The listener interface for receiving XpathEvents

Class Summary
XpathEvent An Event class describing ConfigBeans being added/subtracted from a server configuration.

Package javax.enterprise.deploy.model Description

Provides Tool Vendor implementation classes.

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