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Package javax.enterprise.deploy.spi

Provides J2EE Product Vendor implementation classes.


Interface Summary
DConfigBean The DConfigBean is a deployment configuration bean (DConfigBean) that is associated with one or more deployment descriptor beans, (DDBean).
DConfigBeanRoot A J2EE component module consists of one or more deployment descriptor files and zero or more non-deployment descriptor XML instance documents.
DeploymentConfiguration An interface that defines a container for all the server-specific configuration information for a single top-level J2EE module.
DeploymentManager The DeploymentManager object provides the core set of functions a J2EE platform must provide for J2EE application deployment.
Target A Target interface represents a single logical core server of one instance of a J2EE platform product.
TargetModuleID A TargetModuleID interface represents a unique identifier for a deployed application module.

Package javax.enterprise.deploy.spi Description

Provides J2EE Product Vendor implementation classes.

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