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Package javax.faces.event

Interfaces describing events and event listeners, and concrete event implementation classes.


Interface Summary
ActionListener A listener interface for receiving ActionEvents.
FacesListener A generic base interface for event listeners for various types of FacesEvents.
PhaseListener An interface implemented by objects that wish to be notified at the beginning and ending of processing for each standard phase of the request processing lifecycle.
ValueChangeListener A listener interface for receiving ValueChangeEvents.

Class Summary
ActionEvent An ActionEvent represents the activation of a user interface component (such as a UICommand).
FacesEvent FacesEvent is the base class for user interface and application events that can be fired by UIComponents.
MethodExpressionActionListener MethodExpressionActionListener is an ActionListener that wraps a MethodExpression.
MethodExpressionValueChangeListener MethodExpressionValueChangeListener is a ValueChangeListener that wraps a MethodExpression.
PhaseEvent PhaseEvent represents the beginning or ending of processing for a particular phase of the request processing lifecycle, for the request encapsulated by the specified FacesContext.
PhaseId Typesafe enumeration of the legal values that may be returned by the getPhaseId() method of the FacesEvent interface.
ValueChangeEvent A ValueChangeEvent is a notification that the local value of the source component has been change as a result of user interface activity.

Exception Summary
AbortProcessingException An exception that may be thrown by event listeners to terminate the processing of the current event.

Package javax.faces.event Description

Interfaces describing events and event listeners, and concrete event implementation classes. All events extend from FacesEvent and all listeners extend from FacesListener.

For your convenience here is a UML class diagram of the classes in this package.

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