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Interface ExceptionListener

public interface ExceptionListener

If a JMS provider detects a serious problem with a Connection object, it informs the Connection object's ExceptionListener, if one has been registered. It does this by calling the listener's onException method, passing it a JMSException argument describing the problem.

An exception listener allows a client to be notified of a problem asynchronously. Some connections only consume messages, so they would have no other way to learn that their connection has failed.

A JMS provider should attempt to resolve connection problems itself before it notifies the client of them.

1.0 - 9 March 1998
Mark Hapner, Rich Burridge
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Method Summary
 void onException(JMSException exception)
          Notifies user of a JMS exception.

Method Detail


void onException(JMSException exception)
Notifies user of a JMS exception.

exception - the JMS exception

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