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Annotation Type XmlMixed

public @interface XmlMixed

Annotate a JavaBean multi-valued property to support mixed content.

The usage is subject to the following constraints:

The following can be inserted into @XmlMixed annotated multi-valued property

Below is an example of binding and creation of mixed content.

  <!-- schema fragment having  mixed content -->
  <xs:complexType name="letterBody" mixed="true">
        <xs:element name="name" type="xs:string"/>
        <xs:element name="quantity" type="xs:positiveInteger"/>
        <xs:element name="productName" type="xs:string"/>
        <!-- etc. -->
  <xs:element name="letterBody" type="letterBody"/>
 // Schema-derived Java code: 
 // (Only annotations relevant to mixed content are shown below, 
 //  others are ommitted.)
 import java.math.BigInteger;
 public class ObjectFactory {
        // element instance factories
        JAXBElement<LetterBody> createLetterBody(LetterBody value);
        JAXBElement<String>     createLetterBodyName(String value);
        JAXBElement<BigInteger> createLetterBodyQuantity(BigInteger value);
        JAXBElement<String>     createLetterBodyProductName(String value);
      // type instance factory
        LetterBody> createLetterBody();
 public class LetterBody {
        // Mixed content can contain instances of Element classes
        // Name, Quantity and ProductName. Text data is represented as
        // java.util.String for text.
                @XmlElementRef(name="productName", type=JAXBElement.class),
                @XmlElementRef(name="quantity", type=JAXBElement.class),
                @XmlElementRef(name="name", type=JAXBElement.class)})
        List getContent(){...}
The following is an XML instance document with mixed content

 Dear Mr.<name>Robert Smith</name>
 Your order of <quantity>1</quantity> <productName>Baby
 Monitor</productName> shipped from our warehouse. ....
that can be constructed using following JAXB API calls.

 LetterBody lb = ObjectFactory.createLetterBody();
 JAXBElement<LetterBody> lbe = ObjectFactory.createLetterBody(lb);
 List gcl = lb.getContent();  //add mixed content to general content property.
 gcl.add("Dear Mr.");  // add text information item as a String.
 // add child element information item
 gcl.add(ObjectFactory.createLetterBodyName("Robert Smith"));
 gcl.add("Your order of "); // add text information item as a String
 // add children element information items
                        createLetterBodyQuantity(new BigInteger("1")));
 gcl.add(ObjectFactory.createLetterBodyProductName("Baby Monitor"));
 gcl.add("shipped from our warehouse");  // add text information item

See "Package Specification" in javax.xml.bind.package javadoc for additional common information.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi

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