Java EE 5 SDK


Interface Summary
Attribute An interface that contains information about an attribute.
Characters This describes the interface to Characters events.
Comment An interface for comment events
DTD This is the top level interface for events dealing with DTDs
EndDocument A marker interface for the end of the document
EndElement An interface for the end element event.
EntityDeclaration An interface for handling Entity Declarations This interface is used to record and report unparsed entity declarations.
EntityReference An interface for handling Entity events.
Namespace An interface that contains information about a namespace.
NotationDeclaration An interface for handling Notation Declarations Receive notification of a notation declaration event.
ProcessingInstruction An interface that describes the data found in processing instructions
StartDocument An interface for the start document event
StartElement The StartElement interface provides access to information about start elements.
XMLEvent This is the base event interface for handling markup events.

Java EE 5 SDK

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