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1.  Introduction

Differences between Java EE and Java SE

The Java Programming Language Platforms

Java SE

Java EE

Java ME

Overview of Enterprise Applications

Tiered Applications

The Client Tier

The Web Tier

Java EE Technologies Used in the Web Tier

The Business Tier

Java EE Technologies Used in the Business Tier

The Enterprise Information Systems Tier

Java EE Technologies Used in the EIS Tier

Java EE Servers

Java EE Containers

The Web Container

The Application Client Container

The EJB Container

3.  Creating Your First Java EE Application

4.  Building, Packaging, and Deploying and Running the Example Application

5.  Next Steps


Chapter 2

The Java Platform, Enterprise Edition

This chapter outlines the features of Java EE, how it differs from Java SE and Java ME, and the basic concepts behind enterprise application development.