Tag loadBundle

Load a resource bundle localized for the Locale of the current view, and expose it as a java.util.Map in the request attributes of the current request under the key specified by the value of the "var" attribute of this tag. The Map must behave such that if a get() call is made for a key that does not exist in the Map, the literal string ???KEY??? is returned from the Map, where KEY is the key being looked up in the Map, instead of a MissingResourceException being thrown. If the ResourceBundle does not exist, a JspException must be thrown.

Tag Information
Tag Classcom.sun.faces.taglib.jsf_core.LoadBundleTag
TagExtraInfo Classcom.sun.faces.taglib.FacesTagExtraInfo
Body Contentempty
Display NameNone

(must evaluate to java.lang.String)
Base name of the resource bundle to be loaded.
vartruefalsejava.lang.StringName of a request scope attribute under which the resource bundle will be exposed as a Map.

No Variables Defined.

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