Annotation Type RemoteHome

public @interface RemoteHome

Declares the remote home interface or adapted remote home interface for a session bean. The value is never a 2.x remote component interface.

Clients written to the EJB 2.1 and earlier client view depend upon the existence of a home and component interface. A session bean written to the EJB 3.x API may be adapted to such earlier preexisting client view interfaces.

The session bean designates the home interface to be adapted by using the RemoteHome annotation on the bean class. The corresponding remote component interface need not be explicitly specified, as it is derived from the return type of remote home interface's create method signature.

Session beans written to the EJB 3.0 and later APIs do not otherwise make use of remote home interfaces.

EJB 3.0
See Also:
Init, LocalHome

Required Element Summary
 java.lang.Class value
          The remote home interface

Element Detail


public abstract java.lang.Class value
The remote home interface

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