Annotation Type Dependent

public @interface Dependent

Specifies that a bean belongs to the dependent pseudo-scope.

Beans declared with scope @Dependent behave differently to beans with other built-in scope types. When a bean is declared to have scope @Dependent:

Every invocation of the Context.get(Contextual, CreationalContext) operation of the context object for the @Dependent scope returns a new instance of the given bean.

Every invocation of the Context.get(Contextual) operation of the context object for the @Dependent scope returns a null value.

The @Dependent scope is always active.

Many instances of beans with scope @Dependent belong to some other bean or Java EE component class instance and are called dependent objects.

When the container destroys an instance of a bean or of any Java EE component class supporting injection, the container destroys all its dependent objects, after the @PreDestroy callback completes and after the servlet destroy() method is called.

Gavin King, Pete Muir

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