Interface Contextual<T>

All Known Subinterfaces:
Bean<T>, Decorator<T>, Interceptor<T>

public interface Contextual<T>

Defines operations to create and destroy contextual instances of a certain type. Any implementation of Contextual is called a contextual type. In particular, all beans are contextual types.

Gavin King, Nicklas Karlsson, Pete Muir
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Method Summary
 T create(CreationalContext<T> creationalContext)
          Create a new instance of the contextual type.
 void destroy(T instance, CreationalContext<T> creationalContext)
          Destroy an instance of the contextual type.

Method Detail


T create(CreationalContext<T> creationalContext)
Create a new instance of the contextual type. Instances should use the given CreationalContext when obtaining contextual references to inject, in order to ensure that any dependent objects are associated with the contextual instance that is being created. An implementation may call CreationalContext.push(Object) between instantiation and injection to help the container minimize the use of client proxy objects.

creationalContext - the context in which this instance is being created
the contextual instance
CreationException - if a checked exception occurs while creating the instance


void destroy(T instance,
             CreationalContext<T> creationalContext)
Destroy an instance of the contextual type. Implementations should call CreationalContext.release() to allow the container to destroy dependent objects of the contextual instance.

instance - the contextual instance to destroy
creationalContext - the context in which this instance was created

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