Class DeploymentFactoryManager

  extended by javax.enterprise.deploy.shared.factories.DeploymentFactoryManager

public final class DeploymentFactoryManager
extends java.lang.Object

The DeploymentFactoryManager class is a central registry for Java EE DeploymentFactory objects. The DeploymentFactoryManager retains references to DeploymentFactory objects loaded by a tool. A DeploymentFactory object provides a reference to a DeploymentManager. The DeploymentFactoryManager has been implemented as a singleton. A tool gets a reference to the DeploymentFactoryManager via the getInstance method. The DeploymentFactoryManager can return two types of DeploymentManagers, a connected DeploymentManager and a disconnected DeploymentManager. The connected DeploymentManager provides access to any product resources that may be required for configurations and deployment. The method to retrieve a connected DeploymentManager is getDeploymentManager. This method provides parameters for user name and password that the product may require for user authentication. A disconnected DeploymentManager does not provide access to a running Java EE product. The method to retrieve a disconnected DeploymentManager is getDisconnectedDeploymentManager. A disconnected DeploymentManager does not need user authentication information.

Method Summary
 DeploymentFactory[] getDeploymentFactories()
          Retrieve the lists of currently registered DeploymentFactories.
 DeploymentManager getDeploymentManager(java.lang.String uri, java.lang.String username, java.lang.String password)
          Retrieves a DeploymentManager instance to use for deployment.
 DeploymentManager getDisconnectedDeploymentManager(java.lang.String uri)
          Return a disconnected DeploymentManager instance.
static DeploymentFactoryManager getInstance()
          Retrieve the Singleton DeploymentFactoryManager
 void registerDeploymentFactory(DeploymentFactory factory)
          Registers a DeploymentFactory so it will be able to handle requests.
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Method Detail


public static DeploymentFactoryManager getInstance()
Retrieve the Singleton DeploymentFactoryManager

DeploymentFactoryManager instance


public DeploymentFactory[] getDeploymentFactories()
Retrieve the lists of currently registered DeploymentFactories.

the list of DeploymentFactory objects or an empty array if there are none.


public DeploymentManager getDeploymentManager(java.lang.String uri,
                                              java.lang.String username,
                                              java.lang.String password)
                                       throws DeploymentManagerCreationException
Retrieves a DeploymentManager instance to use for deployment. The caller provides a URI and optional username and password, and all registered DeploymentFactories will be checked. The first one to understand the URI provided will attempt to initiate a server connection and return a ready DeploymentManager instance.

uri - The uri to check
username - An optional username (may be null if no authentication is required for this platform).
password - An optional password (may be null if no authentication is required for this platform).
A ready DeploymentManager instance.
DeploymentManagerCreationException - Occurs when the factory appropriate to the specified URI was unable to initialize a DeploymentManager instance (server down, unable to authenticate, etc.).


public void registerDeploymentFactory(DeploymentFactory factory)
Registers a DeploymentFactory so it will be able to handle requests.


public DeploymentManager getDisconnectedDeploymentManager(java.lang.String uri)
                                                   throws DeploymentManagerCreationException
Return a disconnected DeploymentManager instance.

uri - identifier of the disconnected DeploymentManager to return.
A DeploymentManager instance.
DeploymentDriverException - occurs if the DeploymentManager could not be created.

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