Interface AnnotatedMethod<X>

Type Parameters:
X - the declaring type
All Superinterfaces:
Annotated, AnnotatedCallable<X>, AnnotatedMember<X>

public interface AnnotatedMethod<X>
extends AnnotatedCallable<X>

Represents a method of a Java type.

Gavin King, Pete Muir
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Method Summary
 java.lang.reflect.Method getJavaMember()
          Get the underlying Method.
Methods inherited from interface javax.enterprise.inject.spi.AnnotatedCallable
Methods inherited from interface javax.enterprise.inject.spi.AnnotatedMember
getDeclaringType, isStatic
Methods inherited from interface javax.enterprise.inject.spi.Annotated
getAnnotation, getAnnotations, getBaseType, getTypeClosure, isAnnotationPresent

Method Detail


java.lang.reflect.Method getJavaMember()

Get the underlying Method.

Specified by:
getJavaMember in interface AnnotatedMember<X>
the Method

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