Package javax.faces.component.behavior

APIs for attaching additional behavior to user interface components.


Interface Summary

The Behavior interface is the root API of the component behavior model.


ClientBehavior is the base contract for Behaviors that attach script content to client-side events exposed by ClientBehaviorHolder components.


The ClientBehaviorHolder interface may be implemented by any concrete UIComponent that wishes to support client behaviors as defined by ClientBehavior.


Class Summary

An instance of this class is added as a ClientBehavior to a component using the ClientBehaviorHolder.addClientBehavior(java.lang.String, javax.faces.component.behavior.ClientBehavior) contract that components implement.


BehaviorBase is a convenience base class that provides a default implementation of the Behavior contract.


ClientBehaviorBase is a convenience base class that implements the default concrete behavior of all methods defined by ClientBehavior.


ClientBehaviorContext provides context information that may be useful to ClientBehavior.getScript(javax.faces.component.behavior.ClientBehaviorContext) implementations.


Parameter instances represent name/value pairs that "submitting" ClientBehavior implementations should include when posting back into the Faces lifecycle.


Enum Summary

An enum that specifies hints that describes the behavior of ClientBehavior implementations.


Annotation Types Summary

The presence of this annotation on a class automatically registers the class with the runtime as a Behavior.


Package javax.faces.component.behavior Description

APIs for attaching additional behavior to user interface components.

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