Package javax.faces.convert

Contains classes and interfaces defining converters.


Interface Summary
Converter Converter is an interface describing a Java class that can perform Object-to-String and String-to-Object conversions between model data objects and a String representation of those objects that is suitable for rendering.

Class Summary
BigDecimalConverter Converter implementation for java.math.BigDecimal values.
BigIntegerConverter Converter implementation for java.math.BigInteger values.
BooleanConverter Converter implementation for java.lang.Boolean (and boolean primitive) values.
ByteConverter Converter implementation for java.lang.Byte (and byte primitive) values.
CharacterConverter Converter implementation for java.lang.Character (and char primitive) values.
DateTimeConverter Converter implementation for java.util.Date values.
DoubleConverter Converter implementation for java.lang.Double (and double primitive) values.
EnumConverter Converter implementation for java.lang.Enum (and enum primitive) values.
FloatConverter Converter implementation for java.lang.Float (and float primitive) values.
IntegerConverter Converter implementation for java.lang.Integer (and int primitive) values.
LongConverter Converter implementation for java.lang.Long (and long primitive) values.
NumberConverter Converter implementation for java.lang.Number values.
ShortConverter Converter implementation for java.lang.Short (and short primitive) values.

Exception Summary
ConverterException ConverterException is an exception thrown by the getAsObject() or getAsText() method of a Converter, to indicate that the requested conversion cannot be performed.

Annotation Types Summary

The presence of this annotation on a class automatically registers the class with the runtime as a Converter.


Package javax.faces.convert Description

Contains classes and interfaces defining converters. The main class in this package is Converter.

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