Class RequiredValidator

  extended by javax.faces.validator.RequiredValidator
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.util.EventListener, Validator

public class RequiredValidator
extends java.lang.Object
implements Validator

A Validator that checks for an empty value in the same way that UIInput checks for a value. In fact, this validator is equivalent to setting the required attribute on the input component to true.


Field Summary
static java.lang.String VALIDATOR_ID
          The standard converter id for this converter.
Fields inherited from interface javax.faces.validator.Validator
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void validate(FacesContext context, UIComponent component, java.lang.Object value)
          Verify that the converted object value is not null.
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Field Detail


public static final java.lang.String VALIDATOR_ID

The standard converter id for this converter.

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Constant Field Values
Constructor Detail


public RequiredValidator()
Method Detail


public void validate(FacesContext context,
                     UIComponent component,
                     java.lang.Object value)

Verify that the converted object value is not null.

Specified by:
validate in interface Validator
context - FacesContext for the request we are processing
component - UIComponent we are checking for correctness
value - the value to validate
ValidatorException - if validation fails

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