Class CompositeFaceletHandler

  extended by javax.faces.view.facelets.CompositeFaceletHandler
All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class CompositeFaceletHandler
extends java.lang.Object
implements FaceletHandler

A FaceletHandler that is derived of 1 or more, inner FaceletHandlers. This class would be found if the next FaceletHandler is structually, a body with multiple child elements as defined in XML. This class enables the Facelet runtime to traverse the tree of FaceletHandler instances built by the Facelets compiler.

Constructor Summary
CompositeFaceletHandler(FaceletHandler[] children)
Method Summary
 void apply(FaceletContext ctx, UIComponent parent)

Calls apply on any child handlers.

 FaceletHandler[] getHandlers()

Returns the array of child handlers contained by this handler.

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Constructor Detail


public CompositeFaceletHandler(FaceletHandler[] children)
Method Detail


public void apply(FaceletContext ctx,
                  UIComponent parent)

Calls apply on any child handlers.

Specified by:
apply in interface FaceletHandler
ctx - the FaceletContext for this view execution
parent - the parent UIComponent of the component represented by this element instance.
Throws: - if unable to load relativePath


public FaceletHandler[] getHandlers()

Returns the array of child handlers contained by this handler.

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