Interface FaceletHandler

All Known Implementing Classes:
BehaviorHandler, ComponentHandler, CompositeFaceletHandler, ConverterHandler, DelegatingMetaTagHandler, FaceletsAttachedObjectHandler, MetaTagHandler, TagHandler, ValidatorHandler

public interface FaceletHandler

This is the root class for markup elements in Facelets VDL. Facelets is XHTML, and XHTML is XML, and the root unit of abstraction in XML is the element. A FaceletHandler instance represents an XML element at runtime. Two direct implementations exist to embody the contract for more specific behavior.

A container for other FaceletHandlers
The foundation class for FaceletHandlers associated with markup in a Facelet document.


Method Summary
 void apply(FaceletContext ctx, UIComponent parent)

Process changes on a particular UIComponent


Method Detail


void apply(FaceletContext ctx,
           UIComponent parent)

Process changes on a particular UIComponent

ctx - the current FaceletContext instance for this execution
parent - the parent UIComponent to operate upon
Throws: - if unable to load relativePath
FaceletException - if unable to parse the markup loaded from relativePath
FacesException - if unable to create child UIComponent instances
ELException - if any of the expressions in the markup loaded from relativePath fail

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