Class ResourceResolver

  extended by javax.faces.view.facelets.ResourceResolver

public abstract class ResourceResolver
extends java.lang.Object

Provide a hook to decorate or override the way that Facelets loads template files. A default implementation must be provided that satisfies the requirements for loading templates as in Pre-JSF 2.0 Facelets.

If a <context-param> with the param name equal to the value of FACELETS_RESOURCE_RESOLVER_PARAM_NAME exists, the runtime must interpret its value as a fully qualified classname of a java class that extends ResourceResolver and has a zero argument public constructor or a one argument public constructor where the type of the argument is ResourceResolver. If this param is set and its value does not conform to those requirements, the runtime must log a message and continue. If it does conform to these requirements and has a one-argument constructor, the default ResourceResolver must be passed to the constructor. If it has a zero argument constructor it is invoked directly. In either case, the new ResourceResolver replaces the old one.

Field Summary
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Method Summary
abstract resolveUrl(java.lang.String path)

Returns the URL of a Facelet template file.

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Field Detail


public static final java.lang.String FACELETS_RESOURCE_RESOLVER_PARAM_NAME
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Constructor Detail


public ResourceResolver()
Method Detail


public abstract resolveUrl(java.lang.String path)

Returns the URL of a Facelet template file. Called by the Facelets Runtime to load a template file referred to in a Facelets page.

path - the internal path to the template resource.

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