Interface ServerSessionPool

public interface ServerSessionPool

A ServerSessionPool object is an object implemented by an application server to provide a pool of ServerSession objects for processing the messages of a ConnectionConsumer (optional).

Its only method is getServerSession. The JMS API does not architect how the pool is implemented. It could be a static pool of ServerSession objects, or it could use a sophisticated algorithm to dynamically create ServerSession objects as needed.

If the ServerSessionPool is out of ServerSession objects, the getServerSession call may block. If a ConnectionConsumer is blocked, it cannot deliver new messages until a ServerSession is eventually returned.

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Method Summary
 ServerSession getServerSession()
          Return a server session from the pool.

Method Detail


ServerSession getServerSession()
                               throws JMSException
Return a server session from the pool.

a server session from the pool
JMSException - if an application server fails to return a ServerSession out of its server session pool.

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