Annotation Type HandlerChain

public @interface HandlerChain

Associates the Web Service with an externally defined handler chain. This annotation is typically used in scenarios where embedding the handler configuration directly in the Java source is not appropriate; for example, where the handler configuration needs to be shared across multiple Web Services, or where the handler chain consists of handlers for multiple transports. It is an error to combine this annotation with the @SOAPMessageHandlers annotation.

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Required Element Summary
 java.lang.String file
          Location of the handler chain file.
Optional Element Summary
 java.lang.String name
          Deprecated. As of JSR-181 2.0 with no replacement.

Element Detail


public abstract java.lang.String file
Location of the handler chain file.

The location supports 2 formats:

  1. An absolute in externalForm (ex:
  2. A relative path from the source file or class file (ex: bar/handlerfile1.xml).


public abstract java.lang.String name
Deprecated. As of JSR-181 2.0 with no replacement.

Name of the handler chain in the configuration file


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