Package javax.persistence.metamodel

Interface Summary
Attribute<X,Y> Represents an attribute of a Java type.
BasicType<X> Instances of the type BasicType represent basic types (including temporal and enumerated types).
Bindable<T> Instances of the type Bindable represent object or attribute types that can be bound into a Path.
CollectionAttribute<X,E> Instances of the type CollectionAttribute represent persistent java.util.Collection-valued attributes.
EmbeddableType<X> Instances of the type EmbeddableType represent embeddable types.
EntityType<X> Instances of the type EntityType represent entity types.
IdentifiableType<X> Instances of the type IdentifiableType represent entity or mapped superclass types.
ListAttribute<X,E> Instances of the type ListAttribute represent persistent javax.util.List-valued attributes.
ManagedType<X> Instances of the type ManagedType represent entity, mapped superclass, and embeddable types.
MapAttribute<X,K,V> Instances of the type MapAttribute represent persistent java.util.Map-valued attributes.
MappedSuperclassType<X> Instances of the type MappedSuperclassType represent mapped superclass types.
Metamodel Provides access to the metamodel of persistent entities in the persistence unit.
PluralAttribute<X,C,E> Instances of the type PluralAttribute represent persistent collection-valued attributes.
SetAttribute<X,E> Instances of the type SetAttribute represent persistent java.util.Set-valued attributes.
SingularAttribute<X,T> Instances of the type SingularAttribute represents persistent single-valued properties or fields.
Type<X> Instances of the type Type represent persistent object or attribute types.

Enum Summary

Annotation Types Summary
StaticMetamodel The StaticMetamodel annotation specifies that the class is a metamodel class that represents the entity, mapped superclass, or embeddable class designated by the value element.

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