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public interface TransactionSupport

This interface may be optionally implemented by a ManagedConnectionFactory to provide its level of transaction support at runtime.

When a ManagedConnectionFactory implements this interface, the application server uses the TransactionSupportLevel returned by getTransactionSupport() method and not the value specified in the resource adapter deployment descriptor or deployer configuration

Java EE Connector Architecture 1.6

Nested Class Summary
static class TransactionSupport.TransactionSupportLevel
          An enumerated type that represents the levels of transaction support a resource adapter may support.
Method Summary
 TransactionSupport.TransactionSupportLevel getTransactionSupport()
          Get the level of transaction support, supported by the ManagedConnectionFactory.

Method Detail


TransactionSupport.TransactionSupportLevel getTransactionSupport()
Get the level of transaction support, supported by the ManagedConnectionFactory. A resource adapter must always return a level of transaction support whose ordinal value in TransactionSupportLevel enum is equal to or lesser than the resource adapter's transaction support classification.


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