Class PrivateKeyCallback.IssuerSerialNumRequest

  extended by
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public static class PrivateKeyCallback.IssuerSerialNumRequest
extends java.lang.Object
implements PrivateKeyCallback.Request

Request type for private keys that are identified using an issuer/serial number.

Constructor Summary
PrivateKeyCallback.IssuerSerialNumRequest( issuer, java.math.BigInteger serialNumber)
          Constructs a IssuerSerialNumRequest with an issuer/serial number.
Method Summary getIssuer()
          Get the issuer.
 java.math.BigInteger getSerialNum()
          Get the serial number.
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Constructor Detail


public PrivateKeyCallback.IssuerSerialNumRequest( issuer,
                                                 java.math.BigInteger serialNumber)
Constructs a IssuerSerialNumRequest with an issuer/serial number.

The issuer/serial number is used to identify a public key certificate. The corresponding private key is returned in the callback. The corresponding certificate chain for the private key is also returned. If the issuer/serialNumber parameters are null, the handler of the callback relies on its own defaults.

issuer - The X500Principal name of the certificate issuer, or null.
serialNumber - The serial number of the certificate, or null.
Method Detail


public getIssuer()
Get the issuer.

The issuer, or null.


public java.math.BigInteger getSerialNum()
Get the serial number.

The serial number, or null.

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