This package contains the Java Authorization Contract for Containers API


Interface Summary
PolicyConfiguration The methods of this interface are used by containers to create policy statements in a Policy provider.
PolicyContextHandler This interface defines the methods that must be implemented by handlers that are to be registered and activated by the PolicyContext class.

Class Summary
EJBMethodPermission Class for EJB method permissions.
EJBRoleRefPermission Class for EJB isCallerInRole (String reference) permissions.
PolicyConfigurationFactory Abstract factory and finder class for obtaining the instance of the class that implements the PolicyConfigurationFactory of a provider.
PolicyContext This utility class is used by containers to communicate policy context identifiers and other policy relevant context to Policy providers.
WebResourcePermission Class for Servlet web resource permissions.
WebRoleRefPermission Class for Servlet isUserInRole (String reference) permissions.
WebUserDataPermission Class for Servlet Web user data permissions.

Exception Summary
PolicyContextException This checked exception is thrown by implementations of the Interface, the abstract class, the utility class, and implementations of the Interface.

Package Description

This package contains the Java Authorization Contract for Containers API

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