Class PermittedTaglibsTLV

  extended by javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.TagLibraryValidator
      extended by javax.servlet.jsp.jstl.tlv.PermittedTaglibsTLV

public class PermittedTaglibsTLV
extends TagLibraryValidator

A TagLibraryValidator class to allow a TLD to restrict what taglibs (in addition to itself) may be imported on a page where it's used.

This TLV supports the following initialization parameter:

Shawn Bayern

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void release()
          Release any data kept by this instance for validation purposes.
 ValidationMessage[] validate(java.lang.String prefix, java.lang.String uri, PageData page)
          Validate a JSP page.
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Constructor Detail


public PermittedTaglibsTLV()
Method Detail


public void release()
Description copied from class: TagLibraryValidator
Release any data kept by this instance for validation purposes.

release in class TagLibraryValidator


public ValidationMessage[] validate(java.lang.String prefix,
                                    java.lang.String uri,
                                    PageData page)
Description copied from class: TagLibraryValidator
Validate a JSP page. This will get invoked once per unique tag library URI in the XML view. This method will return null if the page is valid; otherwise the method should return an array of ValidationMessage objects. An array of length zero is also interpreted as no errors.

validate in class TagLibraryValidator
prefix - the first prefix with which the tag library is associated, in the XML view. Note that some tags may use a different prefix if the namespace is redefined.
uri - the tag library's unique identifier
page - the JspData page object
A null object, or zero length array if no errors, an array of ValidationMessages otherwise.

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